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Social Media Engagement

Life is busy and the world of social media seems to change everyday.  We'd love to keep you up to date so you don't have to. 

We can help you get set up and started on any social media tool and create a quick and easy way for you to manage your social media or we can happily continue to manage it for you.  It’s usually not enough to just set up the profiles, we want to see you succeed so we will not only set you up but connect you with like minded people and products who will want to engage with you! 

Our Favourites Include:

Facebook Pages (for business) 
Linked In

We ensure to keep you as involved in the process as you would like to be.   Learning is part of the set up and we’d love to teach you why we love social media and hopefully you’ll fall in love with a new great marketing tool for your business. 

Set Up Packages start from: $200

2 Social Media site set ups (Facebook & Twitter are the two most popular)
Population of content on each site
Linking and widgets for any current websites, blogs or channels 

A social media presence consistence with your current brand or marketing promotion
1 week of social engagement 


Now what? 

Now that we have you set up the only way it will work is if you (or we) engage with your customers. 


Get me going

Get me rockin’

Amp me up 

All in! 






Industry and Keyword Research

Strategy Development






Daily Updates and Interactions

3 per week

1 per day/Social Network

2 per day/Social Network

5 per day/Social Network

Content (Text, Image and/or Video) Posting

Increase Network Popularity

20 minutes/week

45 minutes/week

90 minutes/week

160 miutes/week

Content Research and Development

30 minutes/week

45 minutes/week

60 minutes/week

90 minutes/week

Key Performance Metrics Reports

Google Alerts and Reputation Management Monitoring



Blog Article Writing – (mininum 600 words)



1 per month

2 per month

Press Releases



Monthly Client Conference

Video Development and Optimization








Cost Per Month (minimum 3 month commitment)






How do I know its working and worth my time?
The very best thing about social media is it is all measurable and trackable!  We can show you reports and analytics so you can see what your customers are doing and when.  If you are a geek at heart you will quickly find out… (we are but shhh don’t tell anyone!) 

Extra Stuff to keep you going: (& to make sure you have content to share!) 

Graphic Design 
Pay Per Click Advertising on any budget 
Custom Campaigns
Brand Identity Creation
Promotional Videos

Contact us for more information and pricing per hour!  

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